When Friends Place started in 1999, the store was open 4 days a week. Monthly meetings were held with members present voting on where the money would go. In 2004 members voted to change the bylaws to eliminate monthly meetings and elect a board to conduct our business in a more timely manner.


Friends Place Book Store

Friends of Gilbert Libraries. 775 Greenfield Rd Gilbert AZ 85234 480-539-5128 Hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00-4:00 Closed when the library is closed

We are now open 6 days a week and the revenue has increased substantially. There are no paid managers, just like in the beginning. Each day has a different manager volunteer making sure the store is run properly. The board consists of nine members, all Friends members. The board meets quarterly with the budget for the following year established in June. The officers and their Terms are three years for the president, treasurer, secretary and vice president. The five executive board terms are for two years. All members are invited to the meetings, but only board members can vote. There are three chairperson positions: Membership, Scholarship and website manager.

This area has become a favorite of the community.

In 2007, the Perry Branch Library was opened. This library is attached to a Chandler High school with funding provided by Chandler and The Town of Gilbert. By a unanimous vote Friends became a source for helping this library as well. Perry Branch also accepts donations for Friends Place.

In 2009, we acquired the vending machine area which has allowed us to have a nonfiction area. The artwork on the walls was all donated by members of the community. This area has become a favorite of the community.